Not enough energy to get through the day?


What does it take to get you energized?

Whether it’s waking up in the morning or having the 2 o’clock office fatigue, millions of people reach for a cup of coffee or an energy drink to boost their alertness and energy levels. Energy of course depends on sleep and diet, but sometimes a simple boost from caffeine can be a convenient compensator.

A report by USA Today says that 83% of North American adults consume some form of caffeine on a daily basis, making it the world’s most used psychoactive stimulant. Limiting a high coffee intake habit can cause some people to experience caffeine withdrawals such as headaches, fatigue, irritability, and difficulty concentrating. Thus, it is a good idea to replace the reliance on coffee to boost energy with an alternative. Don’t get us wrong, coffee is delightful, and we love it, just in moderation!

A good alternative to boosting energy levels is a quick energizing workout. Exercise increases serotonin levels and produces endorphins in the brain. It also decreases adenosine levels, which suppress arousal. A quick 5-minute energy booster workout can give you greater increases in energy than a cup of joe by nearly double the amount.

Check out our energy boosting exercise video below.

5-minute energy boost

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