• CornerstoneTired

    Not enough energy to get through the day?

    What does it take to get you energized? Whether it’s waking up in the morning or having the 2 o’clock office fatigue, millions of people reach for a cup of coffee or an energy drink to boost their alertness and energy levels. Energy of course depends on sleep and diet, but sometimes a simple boost from caffeine can be a convenient compensator. A report by USA Today says that 83% of North American adults con...

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  • fuelband

    Gauges for your health

    If you’ve been in the clinic in the last few months you may have noticed that Dr. Juan and Dr. Stacy carry a matching set of bracelets. These bracelets aren’t worn to make a fashion statement, although they are quite stylish, but are worn to “gauge” their health. We have grown accustomed to monitoring the gauges in our cars, or in our home, but not so much for our hearts. In the past, monitoring statistics su...

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  • jaw

    Does your jaw hurt?

    Jaw Pain also known as TMJ or more appropriately as Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) is very common. Unfortunately, many people suffering from TMD have difficulty finding a fix. Luckily, Manual Physical Therapy is quite successful at improving the disorder and often takes as little as 2-3 weeks. Major components include poor posture, grinding your teeth, dental pathology, inflammatory conditions, neck pain, arthri...

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